Buyer Keywords – How To Sell Digital & Physical Products Online

Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to be able to sell anything online or maybe you just haven’t got the consistency you desire? You are not alone. This “how to sell digital & physical products online” article will teach you the one lesson that can turn everything around for you and earn you the income you have been dreaming of online.

I was extremely fortunate to have come across this technique in my early days of affiliate marketing and it made the difference from being a success and a failure. Ok, so let us begin and get into the nitty gritty of what this technique is all about.

Buyers keywords! It’s as simple as those 2 little words and within this article I will explain why they are of such massive importance to get your bank balance booming.

A “buyer keyword” is just exactly what it sounds like. It is the words that someone types into a search engine when they are READY to buy either a service or a product.

Once you fully understand the “keyword search” cycle then it will make more sense to you. As your prospective customers do a search on any of the search engines they are at 1 of 3 stages. Let us take a look at each individual stage in more detail.

Stage # 1 – Information seeking. At this stage they are generally exploring yet they have recognised that they have a need. It is very unlikely, though it can happen, that a purchase will be made at this stage in the cycle. Some of the keywords they can use are:

Information on (keyword)

How to (keyword)

Stage # 2 – Comparison shopping.They are now more or less convinced that they need a product or service that will help them fulfill their particular need. More details are required that are specific to making a buying decision.

Some of the keywords they use are:

(product) reviews

(product) comparison

Best (product) reviews

Now your prospective buyer is getting very close to making that all important buying decision by generally trying to evaluate the different alternative options.

This is where I recommend you provide some unbiased reviews (good and bad) , plus comparison charts can work very well too.

Stage # 3 – Buying stage – Homework and research is now completed and they are 100% ready to buy! Now is the time for you to make them a good offer alongside a very strong call to action so they buy your product NOW.

Here are a list of some proven buyers keywords:




On sale





Low cost

Low priced

Product models and numbers

Brand names


For cheap




Other tips that I recommend are to create a sense of urgency and some precise yet short instructions on how to make the purchase. It can also be a good idea to add in some emotional triggers as these work really well in swaying your customer to take immediate action and buy from you.

Very important too that you understand which stage your prospect is at in the process to provide them with the right information. Usually the information seeking stage has lots of competition with a high search volume. Where as the comparison and buying stages generally have low competition and a low search volume.

The key to success is to use both the comparison and buying stage keywords right from the start! This way you need much less traffic to make money on a consistent basis and for the long term.

(Article written originally by Barry Cross in 2011 for Hubpages)


Traffic Exchange Profits Review (How To Earn A Residual Income With Traffic Exchanges)

What Exactly Is Traffic Exchange Profits (TEP)?
TE Profits is a programme that has been designed by Scott Douglas to do several things. Primarliy to use traffic exchanges to build traffic exchange downlines and get paid a residual income to do so. Another option is to build an email subscriber list using the TEP system and an autoresponder.

Plus, you can build up a downline & a bank of traffic credits which enable you to then promote more opportunities, products & services. This whole system can eventually over time be automated & run on auto pilot.

How Does it Work?
TEP members (it is free to join!) use splash pages, banners & text ads & promote them in traffic exchanges. As a prospect fills out your opt in form they are taken automatically to a FREE report that is provided for them to read that will have in it YOUR own affiliate links. When they join the free membership programme they will be presented with what is called a “Funded Proposal”.


What Exactly Is A Funded Proposal?
A “Funded Proposal” is a way for you to earn affiliate commissions from an inexpensive programme that is affordable & an impulse purchse to the masses. In this case TE Profits uses both a “Dowline Builder” & “Pro Account Upgrade” (optional) to generate sales for you. It uses TE’s that have very low upgrade prices starting at only $3.95 a month!

This creates up front income to help pay for your other tools and advertising. I’m not going to go into all the details here, though I will say it is a great & proven affiliate marketing business model and it is proven to work very well.

Does TE Profits Actually Work? (Income Disclaimer: It takes time, work & effort to earn affiliate sales. It is NOT a get rich quick programme but a long term business model).

Yes it does, I am making sales & sign ups in various traffic exchanges in the funnel system “Downline Builder” and upgrade commissions too. Some upgrades are monthly so earn you a stable recurring income & some of your team will buy credits when they log in to TE’s so that is one off commissions.

You will also be building a list of prospects in the make money online niche. Not everyone will sign up to TEP but you then have an email subscriber list to build a relationship with & promote other products & services to.

What Do I Get In My Free Membership?
The step by step training in the TE Profits back office is superb. It’s totally newbie friendly, so if you can click, copy & paste you can succeed with these system. The pages and tools provided are very professionaly done. If you decide to use your own custom made splash page with your picture on it you will set yourself apart from the masses and do even better. I’d not only recommend promoting TEP in traffic exchanges, but also in safelists and text ad exchanges to get even more traffic & a different audience to view your pages.

Can I Recommend TE Profits?
Yes I can 100% recommend TE Profits. As a member myself I feel it is perfect for anyone from complete newbies to advanced affiliate marketers who wish to add another residual income stream to their portfolio. The owner and admin Scott Douglas has been using this formula to make a full time income online for many years.

For support they have a support desk which is extremely responsive & a blog with updates & tips to help you build your TEP business. It has simple to follow step by step training and a 25 x “Done For You” email series that goes out automatically to your prospects with your affiliate links in the emails (Subject to you having a Traffic Wave autoresponder account).

How Much Does It Cost To Join?
You can join TE Profits for free and use it for free. There is also a Pro Upgrade which is not compulsory at any stage & if you decide to upgrade to Pro it just means you earn higher affiliate commissions & have access to more re- brandable tools.

To sign up for your free Traffic Exchange Profits membership click here.





4 Reasons Why 95% Fail To Make Money Online (Solutions Provided)

Research shows that 95% of those that try to make money online fail. That really is such a frightening statistic & I honestly & sincerely believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Affiliate marketing has evolved massively over the last 5 years so the information, coaching & systems available mean it is now simpler & easier to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together to achieve your online goals.

I have put together the 4 main reasons I believe people fail & quit, with solutions to give them the belief & confidence it’s possible to succeed.

Reason #1) Not Giving It Enough Time – Unless you have a huge amount of money to invest in paid advertising (which get’s fast results) you must be willing to give it at least 1 year of consistent action, learning & effort. “Be here a year from now” is a well known philosophy that is very true because it takes time to learn new skills & apply what you have learned.

You will be amazed that with the right mentoring & following a step by step proven system how much success you will have achieved a year from now.

Reason #2) Not Enough Traffic – I could share with you 100’s of product programmes that convert daily into sales. You could possibly be one of those people in one of those programmes. Once you get enough targeted traffic to your product/business or service you will get sales & earn commissions, as long as it’s one of value.

How much traffic do you need? That is totally relative to how much you want to earn & how successful you wish to be. Learn both free & paid traffic methods, take consistent daily action & the sales will come.

Reason #3) Not Paying For Targeted Traffic – You can make money online with free traffic. By taking this route which some have no option to when they first start due to being on a low budget, (it was how I began my affiliate marketing journey) it is achievable. Though the hard hitting message is that at some stage you have to invest or reinvest some of your profits into paid traffic sources to make a decent & consistent income.

As a newbie there are some great new “Revenue Share Advertising Services” that pay you for advertising with them. One such platform which I personally use is Traffic Monsoon. It is totally newbie friendly & will give you the confidence that paid traffic works & earn you an income so you can scale up your traffic for faster success.

Reason #4) Not Building A List – List building can seem like a really frightening & daunting thought for those new to affiliate marketing. Fortunately there are mentors/coaches who now provide a complete “Done For You” autoresponder sequence. They have all the work professionally done (squeeze pages,subject titles, email copy, upsells, downsells, funnel systems,product promotion & sales with your affiliate links etc) so your role is to learn how to drive traffic to that particular affiliate offer. Gosh, they even mentor you step by step on how to do that too!

Take on board all of the above & you can be one of the affiliate marketing success stories that you envision & set your goals to be. Keep learning, keep doing & keep going & you will become a success!


Big Commission Blueprint Review

Product Creator: Dean Holland owner of Internet Profits Ltd (Nottingham, UK)

What Exactly Is Big Commission Blueprint? – It’s a complete introductory basic training programme that shows you exactly what it takes for you to build and sustain a successful online business. Suitable for all levels from newbie to advanced marketer.

Coaching Format – A step by step easy & simple to follow training programme with introduction videos, instructional information & action steps. Dean Holland has included a checklist to ensure you understand the material and have taken the recommended actions before you move on to the next lesson.

Follow up emails and a member active private Facebook community provide team support & recognition. You can submit any questions you have anytime to the head office support desk.

Who Is BCB For? – For anyone who is serious about starting and growing a successful online business with a proven business model.

Overview – For years the online millionaire gurus kept it a secret on how their systems workedDean Holland reveals exactly how you can build a real and sustainable online business. He presents his proven internet business system that he still uses today to continually make money and now you can too. He draws from his 8 years of online experience as an internet millionaire and shows you how to avoid the same mistakes he made.

The programme is set up with a series of lessons that include 3 levels (newbie, intermediate & advanced) which include step by step lessons with introduction videos for each lesson on each level.

All of the lessons are available to you from the start, this way you can move at your own pace. I recommend only doing one lesson or level per day so that you get the most from each one and don’t get information overload in the process. Each lesson can be completed in under an hour so it’s great for the part time affiliate marketer.

The key thing is to make sure that you understand everything that is presented in each lesson and completing it before moving on to the next one. Dean’s coaching & mentoring style makes it easy to learn the information on offer.

The Big Commission Blueprint programme is very well priced (I feel it’s under priced) when you compare it to what other online programmes are selling for.

No review can be 100% positive so what are the things I’m not so keen on. Dean’s videos are occasionally a little longer than they probably could be. Though he has ensured no part of his success system is left out which is why some videos are so in depth.

Also response time to questions from support are only available Monday to Friday during business hours in the UK.

My Overall Rating – When you compare Big Commission Blueprint to other similar online programmes in this price range it completely exceeds my expectations & over delivers. Dean covers the important fundamentals while revealing guru secrets that have made him an online success. As he says, “now it’s your turn to succeed”.

I can personally recommend this programme to anyone from those yet to make their first dollar online (or struggling to) to those very serious & committed to building a long term profitable online business. Not only does the Big Commission Blueprint offer high value for the money it also comes with a full money back guarantee.

For More Information CLICK HERE.