DigiSoft Payline Review # 1 – How It Works (Beginners/Newbies/silver Surfers Friendly)

Everyone who joins Digisoft Payline registers as a “Tour Taker”.

Tour Takers are introduced to the business by watching a “How It Works”
video in the back office. A special bonus package is offered for those who
choose to upgrade within their first 24 hours of registering to take the tour.

[If you have not registered, completed or taken the free tour yet, you can
do so by clicking here ===>>> Take The Digisoft Payline Free Tour.]



Buyer Keywords – How To Sell Digital & Physical Products Online

Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to be able to sell anything online or maybe you just haven’t got the consistency you desire? You are not alone. This “how to sell digital & physical products online” article will teach you the one lesson that can turn everything around for you and earn you the income you have been dreaming of online.

I was extremely fortunate to have come across this technique in my early days of affiliate marketing and it made the difference from being a success and a failure. Ok, so let us begin and get into the nitty gritty of what this technique is all about.

Buyers keywords! It’s as simple as those 2 little words and within this article I will explain why they are of such massive importance to get your bank balance booming.

A “buyer keyword” is just exactly what it sounds like. It is the words that someone types into a search engine when they are READY to buy either a service or a product.

Once you fully understand the “keyword search” cycle then it will make more sense to you. As your prospective customers do a search on any of the search engines they are at 1 of 3 stages. Let us take a look at each individual stage in more detail.

Stage # 1 – Information seeking. At this stage they are generally exploring yet they have recognised that they have a need. It is very unlikely, though it can happen, that a purchase will be made at this stage in the cycle. Some of the keywords they can use are:

Information on (keyword)

How to (keyword)

Stage # 2 – Comparison shopping.They are now more or less convinced that they need a product or service that will help them fulfill their particular need. More details are required that are specific to making a buying decision.

Some of the keywords they use are:

(product) reviews

(product) comparison

Best (product) reviews

Now your prospective buyer is getting very close to making that all important buying decision by generally trying to evaluate the different alternative options.

This is where I recommend you provide some unbiased reviews (good and bad) , plus comparison charts can work very well too.

Stage # 3 – Buying stage – Homework and research is now completed and they are 100% ready to buy! Now is the time for you to make them a good offer alongside a very strong call to action so they buy your product NOW.

Here are a list of some proven buyers keywords:




On sale





Low cost

Low priced

Product models and numbers

Brand names


For cheap




Other tips that I recommend are to create a sense of urgency and some precise yet short instructions on how to make the purchase. It can also be a good idea to add in some emotional triggers as these work really well in swaying your customer to take immediate action and buy from you.

Very important too that you understand which stage your prospect is at in the process to provide them with the right information. Usually the information seeking stage has lots of competition with a high search volume. Where as the comparison and buying stages generally have low competition and a low search volume.

The key to success is to use both the comparison and buying stage keywords right from the start! This way you need much less traffic to make money on a consistent basis and for the long term.

(Article written originally by Barry Cross in 2011 for Hubpages)