DigiSoft Payline Review # 1 – How It Works (Beginners/Newbies/silver Surfers Friendly)

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Sales Funnel Front End Product

The front end is by far the most dynamic aspect of the sales funnel and the area that requires continuous experimentation. Because you have access to endless techniques at the front end, limited only by your resources and imagination.

Your main focus at the front end is to attract and qualify people who may have an interest in purchasing your products further down the sales funnel. It’s at this stage you begin the process of refining your targeted customer and educating them of the possibilities you and your products present to them.

In a lot of cases the qualification occurs when a person gives you their email address to receive something from you. It’s this crucial opt in step that transforms your everyday internet surfer into a prospect. They have now just taken an action that indicates they have at least some interest & desire for what you have to offer.

As part of this process for someone to have entered your funnel as a prospect & put their hand up and say “I’m a lead”, they must have agreed to receive some form of communication from you. This is called permission marketing where your prospects give you permission to contact them with further information, all of which is part of your marketing and sales funnel.

Profits Are Not In The Front End

A common focus for many online business entrepreneurs is to think about launching their first product as the big ticket to wealth. Or even starting out promoting higher ticket products at the front end. This is a huge mistake as no relationship has been built with your prospects. You can sometimes focus so much on the income that you don’t realise that the real profits are made at the back end. This has been proven time & time again by the top affiliate marketers.

Knowing Your Numbers

The front end is all about drawing attention and inviting people into your sales funnel. Since there are now many ways to capture traffic online you will never run out of options for generating leads.

The key fundamental is to know your numbers. Once you have worked out in monetary value how much a lead is worth to your business (you can only really know this once your back end converts well) then you go to work on setting up your front end marketing tools. This is a process that is continually ongoing.  As long as you have methods to market you can be out there testing them, seeing which bring in the most responsive & qualified traffic. After that you just simply rinse & repeat by scaling up your marketing strategies, both paid & free.

Your front end helps to qualify prospects and shows them the quality you deliver so that your business is worth forming a relationship with. This relationship becomes stronger as customers consume more of your free marketing resources, buy front end products and learn to trust and appreciate what you do. From there they enter into the next stage which is the upsell.


Sales Funnel System Explained (Multiple Income Streams)

For several years now the fundamental success of many online businesses, in particular the information product based businesses, is a concept known as the sales funnel. Many of the most well known affiliate marketers have established themselves in a niche and dominated it by crafting a highly refined sales funnel process. They do this by guiding their consumers through a proven & tested optimised channel of marketing and sales.

The Sales Funnel Structure

The sales funnel initially begins by capturing the attention of prospects. A percentage of these prospects will become buyers who purchase an entry level product (front end). This shows they have a need for what is on offer and are then willing to invest money to solve their problem. The sales funnel continues to nurture the best customers, filtering out non buyers & then refining the specific targeted customer. Following up by offering them more specialised products and services of value & usually at a higher price.

By the end of the whole process the funnel has identified who are the responsive customers who purchase everything on offer and experience the most value and satisfaction from every purchase made. It is from these responsive consumers that the majority of an affiliate marketers profits are made.

I first heard of the sales funnel a couple of years ago. Before then I had participated in many sales funnels without even realising it, by purchasing products and services online that were sold to me through a sales funnel process.

I joined a high end affiliate marketing business coaching programme by internet millionaire Dean Holland. This further cemented my devotion to a sales funnel focused affiliate marketing model.

This is certainly the key to long term success as our marketplace becomes increasingly competitive. Those companies without a defined sales funnel suffer as they are unable to compete with companies that know what a customer is worth to them for the long term (due to the refined metrics calculated at each point as a customer moves along the sales funnel).

So, before we can consider the metrics of a sales funnel it’s important to understand it’s critical components all the way through. In part two of this series I will explain to you what is known as the front end product.


Traffic Monsoon Tutorial #7 – How To Assign Credits

When you participate in the Traffic Monsoon profit share programme you have to click on 10 ads every 24 hours to qualify for your daily passive profit. In return TM additionally give you 1 credit per ad that you click on. Each credit equals a visitor to a website of your own choice & you’re allowed up to 15 sites. This is great as over the course of one year you are receiving a minimum of 3,650 visitors to your sites, on top of your daily passive income profit share.

My video tutorial explains how this works.



Traffic Monsoon Tutorial #6 – What Are Login Ads?

When every Traffic Monsoon member logs in to their account they are immediately shown another advertisers website for a minimum of 10 seconds. These are known as “Login Ads” & can be bought by you to advertise your website. What I like about this form of advertising is that your website is seen by the same TM member if they log in several times a day. It is proven that the more times a prospect sees an ad the more likely they are to respond to it.

My video tutorial shows how this all works.