Free Lead System Review #1 – Generate Free Leads For Any Online/Offline Business

In this Free Lead System post I am going to discuss how you can generate free leads for any business either online or offline. Please take the time to watch the above short video too.

Without a consistent , long term database of both new & fresh leads it is most likely your business will fail. Lead generation is one key fundamental you must master to earn anything from an extra income to a serious income in business.

Who is the Free Lead System for? Here’s a few niches that can benefit:

  • MLM’ers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Corporate Business Owners
  • Offline Businesses (looking to boost their online exposure)

All of the above are just a small list of those that need leads to survive in today’s competitive business world.

What will I receive with my Free Lead System?

Free autoresponder, free squeeze page, free 1-1 mentoring & support from me. Also free training on how to get prospects to your business promotions/build your email list of subscribers.

To claim your Free Lead System click here.

Let’s get you started generating leads & start to grow your income.


Free Offer – What Do I Give A Prospect To Build My List?

To build that all important email list of subscribers you will have to offer your prospect something for free & of value. It is the beginning of a process that starts to build trust & shows you can take them to the next step of their learning curve.

It is a simple process & once it is all set up it works on autopilot. Both free & paid methods work effectively, so use whatever is within your budget.

To collect your prospects email address we are going to drive traffic to one of the following:

1) Squeeze Page

2) Blog

3) Website

Once they are viewing your squeeze page, blog or website it is then that your prospect will see your free offer. Using any of the 3 offers listed below will tempt them to opt in to your list.

Here are 3 of the most popular free offers that affiliate marketers use to build their list:

1) Free Video

If you are subscribed to a membership programme then they may provide you with a free video to giveaway. This converts very well because it has been put together professionally so it appeals to your prospect.

Here is one I currently use to build my list. Click here to see it.

For newbies who are just starting out you can make your video on You Tube by either using your webcam or use free screen capture software like Camstudio. Or alternatively there is a site called Fiverr.com where for a very small cost you can have it done for you.

2) Newsletter 

Offering a newsletter is a great offer. The newsletter can be sent out in an email format using your autoresponder on autopilot. Your prospects like this idea because they are getting information that will help them learn in a step by step format. It also builds trust & a relationship with your subscriber.

To get ideas on what content to put in your newsletter I recommend you set up a new email account that you use just for signing up to successful marketers newsletters. Then get ideas from their newsletters & implement those ideas into your own. (NOTE: Do not under any circumstance copy & paste other peoples content. It is unethical & illegal to do so).

3) Ebook

Ebooks convert well in the list building process. Because when you offer instant access to a PDF eBook that solves a problem your prospects are experiencing, it becomes easier for them to hand over their email address.

The most important element to a successful one is identifying a topic your website visitors are intensely interested in, then supplying them with the information.

You have the option to either create your own ebook or there are some affordable ones available from PLR sites. (See attached video for more info).