Traffic Exchange Profits Review (How To Earn A Residual Income With Traffic Exchanges)

What Exactly Is Traffic Exchange Profits (TEP)?
TE Profits is a programme that has been designed by Scott Douglas to do several things. Primarliy to use traffic exchanges to build traffic exchange downlines and get paid a residual income to do so. Another option is to build an email subscriber list using the TEP system and an autoresponder.

Plus, you can build up a downline & a bank of traffic credits which enable you to then promote more opportunities, products & services. This whole system can eventually over time be automated & run on auto pilot.

How Does it Work?
TEP members (it is free to join!) use splash pages, banners & text ads & promote them in traffic exchanges. As a prospect fills out your opt in form they are taken automatically to a FREE report that is provided for them to read that will have in it YOUR own affiliate links. When they join the free membership programme they will be presented with what is called a “Funded Proposal”.


What Exactly Is A Funded Proposal?
A “Funded Proposal” is a way for you to earn affiliate commissions from an inexpensive programme that is affordable & an impulse purchse to the masses. In this case TE Profits uses both a “Dowline Builder” & “Pro Account Upgrade” (optional) to generate sales for you. It uses TE’s that have very low upgrade prices starting at only $3.95 a month!

This creates up front income to help pay for your other tools and advertising. I’m not going to go into all the details here, though I will say it is a great & proven affiliate marketing business model and it is proven to work very well.

Does TE Profits Actually Work? (Income Disclaimer: It takes time, work & effort to earn affiliate sales. It is NOT a get rich quick programme but a long term business model).

Yes it does, I am making sales & sign ups in various traffic exchanges in the funnel system “Downline Builder” and upgrade commissions too. Some upgrades are monthly so earn you a stable recurring income & some of your team will buy credits when they log in to TE’s so that is one off commissions.

You will also be building a list of prospects in the make money online niche. Not everyone will sign up to TEP but you then have an email subscriber list to build a relationship with & promote other products & services to.

What Do I Get In My Free Membership?
The step by step training in the TE Profits back office is superb. It’s totally newbie friendly, so if you can click, copy & paste you can succeed with these system. The pages and tools provided are very professionaly done. If you decide to use your own custom made splash page with your picture on it you will set yourself apart from the masses and do even better. I’d not only recommend promoting TEP in traffic exchanges, but also in safelists and text ad exchanges to get even more traffic & a different audience to view your pages.

Can I Recommend TE Profits?
Yes I can 100% recommend TE Profits. As a member myself I feel it is perfect for anyone from complete newbies to advanced affiliate marketers who wish to add another residual income stream to their portfolio. The owner and admin Scott Douglas has been using this formula to make a full time income online for many years.

For support they have a support desk which is extremely responsive & a blog with updates & tips to help you build your TEP business. It has simple to follow step by step training and a 25 x “Done For You” email series that goes out automatically to your prospects with your affiliate links in the emails (Subject to you having a Traffic Wave autoresponder account).

How Much Does It Cost To Join?
You can join TE Profits for free and use it for free. There is also a Pro Upgrade which is not compulsory at any stage & if you decide to upgrade to Pro it just means you earn higher affiliate commissions & have access to more re- brandable tools.

To sign up for your free Traffic Exchange Profits membership click here.





Traffic Monsoon Tutorial #7 – How To Assign Credits

When you participate in the Traffic Monsoon profit share programme you have to click on 10 ads every 24 hours to qualify for your daily passive profit. In return TM additionally give you 1 credit per ad that you click on. Each credit equals a visitor to a website of your own choice & you’re allowed up to 15 sites. This is great as over the course of one year you are receiving a minimum of 3,650 visitors to your sites, on top of your daily passive income profit share.

My video tutorial explains how this works.



Traffic Monsoon Income Update #1

Here’s a video update of my Traffic Monsoon profits & referral commissions. If you buy advertising with profit share you are in effect being paid to get visitors to your website. I use the traffic to build the list in my primary business & generate sales so it’s a win win situation if you are a marketer who uses paid advertising.


Traffic – Driving Traffic To Your Site (Part 1)

When I covered your “4 Steps To Success” in my previous blog post you will recall the the first step of the process is “traffic”.

This is the lifeblood of your income so once you master it you will never be short of prospects for your business.

Here are 2 fundamentals that are key:

1) There are 2 options which are “paid” or “free” traffic.

2) Your traffic needs to be targeted to your niche.

Ok, let’s take a look at these 2 fundamentals in more detail. Firstly, I always recommend to my students that they master one traffic source before moving onto another. This means you learn a new skill that eventually you can apply without having to think, it becomes second nature.

It saves you from information overload & distraction which are 2 of the reasons people fail online. Mastering a traffic source & getting results will give you the confidence & belief that affiliate marketing can work for you.

Paid Traffic:

This will make you money the fastest. If you have a budget to invest then I recommend you start with this immediately. Paid traffic works for you 24/7 once you have it all set up, so it will free up your time to focus on other marketing like free traffic.

Here are my recommended paid traffic sources to get started with, so choose one & master it.

– Facebook News Feed Ads

– Solo Ads

– Banner Ads

– You Tube Video Ads

Traffic Monsoon (for the make money online niche)

Why have I chosen the list above? For several reasons. Firstly they are proven to work. Secondly they are user friendly & allow you to target specifically prospects within your niche. Facebook & You Tube are key because they are 2 of the most visited websites every day worldwide.

Prospects are on their desktops, laptops, mobile phones & tablets 24/7 surfing these sites.

Free Traffic:

This will cost you in terms of your time, though it is a great skill to learn. I personally started out with free traffic & made my very first dollar online with this method. You have to be a little more patient as the results are slower than using paid sources.

Here are my recommended free traffic sources to get started with, so choose one & master it.

– Facebook Fan Page & Group Posting

– You Tube Videos (use free screen capture software if you are not confident enough yet to talk into the webcam)

– Forum Marketing

– Blogging (you can put your You Tube videos on your blog, reaching a larger audience)

Traffic Monsoon (for the make money online niche)

As free traffic takes time & effort I recommend you choose a traffic source that you enjoy doing, otherwise you may not keep it up. So if you spend a lot of time on Facebook then you understand that platform & will enjoy marketing on there.

One of the great things about free traffic is that people will be viewing it for years to come. Take a look at some of the You Tube videos still being viewed from as long as 10 years ago. This is powerful as it’s a long term approach rather than just using paid traffic for instant results. The paid ads you place today will not be seen in 10 years time like your You Tube videos or forum posts.

Everything has it’s place & everything works as long as you both master & apply it consistently.

In Part 2, which will be my next blog post I’ll be covering the subject of targeted traffic. See you there!